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01 April 2020

Slow Art Day

Saturday April 4th is Slow Art Day
Take time to slow down, this is the perfect opportunity. This is a day for galleries, museums and individuals all over the world to invite others to share the art that is precious to them. Spend time contemplating and appreciating skills, materials and techniques.

This year is different, we can’t meet up and share the art in the same physical place, or enjoy a chat with coffee and cake afterwards. But we can share in different ways. Maybe send an image of your favourite piece, or one you would love to see again and share it via a phone message, have a conversation and share time thinking about that piece. You could of course have a chat with coffee, or the drink of choice, and cake as well!

This does not have to be looking at old pieces, it can be any art of your choice. Make sure you spend at least 5 minutes to appreciate the work, think about how long it might have taken to make, who made it, where the ideas may have come from.

You could follow up time spent looking with researching your chosen artist, maybe there is something about the person and the way they live that would encourage you to develop a different life style. We have the unusual experience of having time to think!

I still haven't decided what my Slow Art choice will be, I seem to take longer to make decisions, but that's ok too!
Here is the website for Slow Art Day

31 March 2020

Life has changed, the world feels different

With all that is going on just now I can say I am truly grateful for many things. Including family, friends and clients and of course my health.

Even in this season of uncertainty I am thankful for creativity and the ability to escape into the the unlimited possibilities of imagination and creativity. I hope you are finding time and opportunities to do the things that really bring you joy.

I seem to move from pure joy in the unexpected extra time to slow down, really connect with what matters, to times of light anxiety about what the future holds and wondering when we will be able to meet family and enjoy their company, digital communication is fine but you don't get the hugs!

These are such uncertain times, I think we need to be kind to ourselves and others. I can't remember when we last had time to think and just be, so try to take advantage of this time. Allow yourself to feel whatever it is you feel, do whatever you feel like doing or not doing. Just sit and watch the natural world, trust that all will be well, all is well, and hard as it is at this moment, I am sure there will be good and creative times ahead.
We are making good use of extra time working from home, which for us is not unusual but we are restricted from visiting family, going to galleries and out for meals with friends. Performances, presentations, meetings and all workshops have been postponed or cancelled until further notice.

So far I have cleared my little allotment copse, keeping it clear of some weeds and making good use of the early nettles to make salads, soups and pesto, with the wild garlic growing alongside it makes a wonderful early salad! I have also been cutting the holes in the plastic bigger for the plants that were planted several years ago. Over time, as the willow stems grow bigger, the plastic does not expand any further, so they need cutting to enable future growth. I am also pulling all the briars from the older willow beds, they are just budding at the moment and I hope will produce better harvest for being cared for.
I am really thankful for the community of makers, student s and colleagues, it is always a pleasure to run workshops and collaborate. I will be holding everyone in mind, if there is anything I can help do get in touch. I am here.

I have also had spent some time to refine skills in the workshop and studio, developing some new pieces of work and reading all the books that are either left half read, or unread because of other demands on my time. I trust the results of this will be seen in the work that you see or the workshops you take part in future.

To see what is happening in my world of making, with recycled materials, willow and planned online workshops and sales go to the news page on the workshops website.

Stay safe and well, keep on making, weaving and being creative!