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09 May 2019

Background work

Over the last few months with a lot of patient tech support I have been working on the background of FrostArt workshops site. Lots of new workshops both in new and familiar places coming up over the next few months, admin time is both precious and tedious. Successful results are almost always invisible to others.

This update should mean I work more efficiently for teaching and really enjoy more focussed and productive studio time. Now to go and handle more natural stuff.

08 May 2019

Familiar work, different setting

I have just installed a small preview show of Cambridge Open Studios work by Riverside Arts group into Habi's. Our local, fabulous Spanish restaurant, the best place to meet and have coffee, breakfast, tapas or paella in Littleport over the last few years. Now also to show small, selective artwork. There are enough local artists to keep the shows interesting and really professional. Keep visiting to see what's available, the work is for sale.

06 May 2019

New venue

I recently visited the lovely Olivia Shave who has set up 'The Studio' near West Harling in Norfolk. Hidden away in the Thetford forest, it is an exceptional place which I am sure will become hugely popular for special gifts. All the suppliers, like myself, are makers, artists and artisan food specialists in Norfolk.
When visiting you are likely to meet the lates additions to their growing flock of sheep, these supply both wool and meat products to the shop.
I have provided Olivia with a small selection of willow work to have in the shop, with the aim of encouraging customers to commission pieces to suit their special occasions and events.

Their face book page is The Studio