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24 July 2006

standing back

I have had time away, attending the RANE conference and working with Janette Porter at Boscastle.
The work was in response to the floods in 2004, Janette's hard work meant that we made new work and updated Lateexchange
I am continuing to spin and walk, spin and walk, confirming the links between sites in my mind as well as physically.
Recently heard that I have been given a place to go Russia in September through Norwich School of Art and Design, this is a somwhat unexpected extension of my MA and will extend the scope of my work and L@tE even more.
I realise that I spend much of my time reading and thinking - standing back from the physical action of making. I am beginning to have some withdrawl symptoms - picking up grasses and fibres to reconnect with material and manipulation. I am aware that I do not want to make things for the sake of it - more things are just distracting to an understanding of sustainable practices and use of resources.
Being away has meant that my allotment is neglected and not productive - how to make it sustainable without being there is going to an ongoing problem this year and may mean re-thinking how I use it.