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10 June 2019

Open Garden conversations

It was Ely Open Gardens on Sunday June 9th, always good opportunity for conversations and sharing of ideas, to meet friends and make new ones. This year I had good conversations with older residents, who remembered the greenhouse in The Bishops Garden being used to raise seeds for the formal garden and the vegetable garden. I hadn't really thought about the Corn Exchange in Ely in this context before, but apparently all good gardeners and farmers would go there to buy or sell their seeds, especially if they were prize winners.

I met people who came on the train from Cambridge, some taking time to visit Ely from London, Manchester, Sheffield and Australia. Very varied life experiences, but so many links, shared hopes and dreams for the lives of people, wildlife and the planet.
This was also the last day of the Moon exhibition in Ely Cathedral so the conversations extended to the further still.