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21 December 2007

New Year, new people and places

As I get ready to go on holiday I am hoping it will provide me with time to step back, relax and be completely refreshed. The Cape Verde Islands should be somewhere so different from my every day experience that I can come back with energy and insight to create significant work

Look out for dates when 'Slow Making' conversations are going to happen and please get in touch if you are reading this blog, I would like to have feedback

Wishing you a Happy and Creative 2008

A new project

Selected for Salthouse 08 'SEAhouse, LIGHThouse, SPIRIThouse' means that I have the opportunity to work on a series of structures, to go on the beach, across the marshes to the churchyard. This means being outside, balancing work again, willow and wetland stuff. Direct interaction with people will happen after this, in a series of workshops and conversations.

This opportunity, going back to Salthouse to do this work seems another occasion of good timing. The combination of adventure, physical and spiritual as well the contemplative aspect of this work is what I hope to show in the final pieces.

I want to invite a diverse group of participants, church groups, artists, environmentalists to take part in the workshops and conversations. So please contact me if you are interested. I am also looking for commissioners and funders for this work. If you think you would be interested in owning the finished work and want to be informed of progress, look out for more postings - or get in touch for further information.

Sketches and plans

I have been sketching a series of forms related to lanterns, 'Weaving a Walk' linked to beacon churches and lighthouses. Trying out various willow forms - which means I have used it much more than in the previous three or four years. I find there are shocks about the lack of control and skill, as well as finding I have memories of making and adapting previous structures. The greatest challenge is going to be making a structure in willow as large as it needs to be, while still being an elegant form.
I will be modelling the form many times before I am satisfied with it.

The largest lantern forms will be places to hold about six people at one time to share stories and experiences of their physical and spiritual adventures. To discuss awareness of the environment and the non-human inhabitants who share it, their influence or otherwise over the lives and decisions