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04 August 2008


The final day of Salthouse 08. Un-making is part of the Slow process, understanding what I have made and seeing the effect on people and environment. Salthouse has been a good example.
It turned out to be much easier to start the take down than I had anticipated. For the first time it was cold and wet so not many people were there. All the work from the churchyard has been taken down, and all the lanterns along the beach path. It was an unraveling, the un-making was a real process as much as the making. I found myself going through memories of conversations and making the initial work. there was a pattern and rhythm to it all.

Still meeting people who are visiting for the first time as well as bringing friends and relatives to see the installation. All with very personal experiences of the work and place, keen to share their comments. In the same way interventions are still happening in the beach structure, demonstrations of people having relationship with it. On this visit I heard someone refer to it as a beacon for the first time.
Met up with Viv Allen, also in the process of un-making see who has kindly sent this comment. 'I thought your work was really the strongest in the show. I thought you successfully met that challenge of working within the landscape. I thought you achieved just the perfect balance of your work being clear and well rooted with the landscape while at no point being dwarfed or lost within it. The forms were both beautiful and natural and I felt showed a strong sense of belonging.'