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03 July 2006

words and understanding

Re-covering, re-forming, sustaining, im-plying, sampling - how words and thoughts change depending on context. As I wrote I realised that these words have so many layers of implication - depending on where you say them. Context is everything. A discussion with Tim Drake, illustrator and beat box artist, emphasised this. We talked for some time using the same words while completely mis-understanding each other's meaning!
Sustainable acitivities are the same - so easily misunderstood, or used to mean different things depending on personal needs and situation.If I have enough money to live, then I can consider world resources in a different light.

It is only possible to work in one space at a time, either mentally ar physically, but should always be possible to imagine other places and empathise with different situations. Through the use of textile materials and skills I am able to relate to places and people who never share the same world view and experiences.

Planning for winter, again out of season thoughts. Probably because the weather is currently dry and about 32 degrees - 90 something in farenhiet.
So far this year the allotment has been neglected and we won't have much produce, but is being transformed to be easier to manage; fruit cage and wires for training beans and sweet peas up in the future. Lots of woodchips as ground cover for the willows and fruit trees, alongside this the willows can be pruned to encourage more attractive and weaving varieties to survive. Taking out an old and neglected hedgerow - which is now mostly ivy and has killed off at least three elder trees - we have found rubbish from previous allotment holders including dustbins and parts of old bikes. I am using some of the ivy to make hedgerow containers, combined with white willlow it's a great contrast of colour and texture.
The allotment is an important area of work - not only for food but as studio and thinking space. I am sure this will become more obvious over the next few years.
Relating to community and environment it has the potential for practicing Social Sculpture, as much a learning space as place for exhibition, making and archiving of work;