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12 May 2017

Cross-curricular or intergrated?

Developing craftsmanship is an essential part of practise and practice. It is in the nature of all projects I am involved with that there are similarities in materials and knowledge, as well as imagery and metaphor.

For both artist and scientist the skills needed to make work have to be learned through repetition, having success and control in the same movements until results are perfected. I started manipulating yarns at a very young age, I am enjoying the years of knowledge and skill that provides but still it is challenging to produce the results exactly as planned. 

The scale of pieces I make varies widely, I have found myself working to smaller and smaller scale, this does not mean less work. Becoming a miniature or model maker takes time. For this collaboration I decided very early on to make small pieces that can travel easily as the exhibition will be going to at least three contrast to another current project, where pieces are up to 4 metres long and made in an outdoor setting.

The scale also relates to the materials and tools that Ana handles on a daily basis, she spends a lot of time looking into a microscopes, handling things that are almost or completely invisible to the 'naked eye'.