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21 November 2017

art science final phase and reflections

The final exhibition of Art and Science with SRUK will be shown on December 6th, 7-9p.m.  at Barnabas Church, Mill Road, Cambrideg, CB1 2BD

The art-science collaboration with SRUK has been brought up some interesting preconceptions about different fields of work. The mutual value is not often recognised in the academic world. 
While working alongside a scientist it has been interesting to hear from her the perceptions of how artists work, there is a romantic and unreal view of artists as professionals. The comments at the panel discussion reinforced this and brought up something that I had not even thought of. The comment was 'when artists work with scientists they will be recognised for their work, it is a good thing to have on the cv. For a scientist this is not the case, it is not considered beneficial to research or professional development.'

I think the misunderstanding may be that the collaboration is useful from a professional point of view, but in my experience this recognition does not help in making a living as an artist, unless of course there is an institution or business with a commercial interest involved. Even then the art world is so often seen and experienced as a recreational activity, so not a business to think about financial viability. This means that even when working alongside universities or other organisations the artist is not seen as a professional consultant who deserves to be recognised with suitable fees. 

I find there is always a need to educate when working with clients. a-n, an organisation who has represented artists in the UK since the 1970's, has produced several documents over the years for artists to share with clients, commissioners and institutions. One of the latest is an in depth document which includes the national value of art and the work of artists to the national economy. This might be considered heavy reading to some, but it is essential that artists are seen as both valued and respected for their long term contribution to society. 

Thinking along these lines I am more inclined to try and work more rigorously, to focus on the work that really makes people think about process and environment. I am so often attracted to making work that is potentially commercial, but never seems to be really successful. I will revisit Fair Trade: Material Matters and other projects to reflect on this.

19 November 2017

Art Science event at Telefonica, Madrid

The team presenting work as part of SRUK at Telefonica, Madrid. 3 scientists, 3 artists presenting work as part of Madrid Science week.
Jonathan Heras, Juan Gonzalea-Varo, Ana Lopez-Ramirez, Tomas Di Domenico, Jane Frost and Marta Fuster Barutell

Presentation at Telefonica Fundacion, a really interesting event to take part in