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02 April 2008

Relatively Slow

Since coming back from Cape Verde time has gone so fast, I now want to return.
Slow Making is always at the back of my mind, even though I am not good at doing it in practice.

A Slow Making conversation took place linked to Lyndell Phelps exhibition 'Coded Ornithology' at The Babylon Gallery

Participants were Dave Pritchard, Steve Bramble, John Fanshawe, Lyndell Phelps, Tim Frost, Jane Frost, Andy O'Hanlon.

It has taken a long time to put work together for Salthouse, including the years since 1968, journeys and experiences, spiritual and physical. I am beginning to make the elements for Light-Lines, learning more all the time.
The making prcesses are the same as those for baskets, and through trying to make a traditional basket I have designed the structures more consistently.