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31 May 2017

Slow Making reminder

The reasons to work reflectively and consciously are often distracted by realities of making for a client, site or project.
Over the last few weeks I have had opportunity to work on both new and familiar, meetings with new clients, older colleagues and friends have reminded me that work is always made in context of relationships and sites.
I am installing some work in the Prickwillow Phone Box Gallery today and decided it would be  been a good opportunity to remind myself about the conscious process of Slow Making.

In the nature of Slow Making, the installation will develop over the month of June. 
Back in the studio the work for SRUK is making progress, it has been great to remind myself of skills, techniques and materials that I haven't used recently. In the nature of Slow Making, I find there are always closer relationships between projects and I manipulate and understand more than I anticipate.