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31 December 2014

New Year Plans

Moon rise at Welney just before Christmas was the most spectacular sight for me. It stays with me very vividly, so something of that experience must go into work I will make.
The feeling of involvement and participation in universal life is what I hope other people experience when handling or seeing my work

Looking forward to making and meeting in 2015, there are already dates in the calendar and deadlines I need to keep.
This is the plan, I will post something here at the end of each month during 2015, not necessarily what I have made or achieved, maybe experiences and conversations. One post a month is enough to commit to, but there may be more.
I will encourage others to join in, because that is what I do much more now.

05 December 2014

After a long pause

In the nature of living, things sometimes happen very fast. It is over a year since I had time or energy to reflect on the process or product of my making.
Preparation and planning is everything, the process has become far more important.
I have taken a  turn in making, baskets have become more refined which means the overall process is often slower, but at the same time more efficient.
The selection and quality of material has such an effect on the final result that it is always better to discard anything that is damaged or of poor quality.

This means I take more time and look more often in selecting the right pieces. Sometimes it may look to others as if I am not doing much in the workshop. 
Bending and feeling pieces of willow or hazel to judge whether they are in the right condition to use is a bit like working with people. If you force them into uncomfortable situations they often react in unexpected ways

relationship between elements

Knots, twists and weaves of joining elements 

03 December 2014

A long silence online

I have been working, walking and making so much that time ran out to do online updates.
I have just been working on the now regular Christmas decoration with Ouse Life Drawing group at The Phone Box Gallery Prickwillow. It was great fun to do and is still a work in progress and will include carols and decorating on December 14th 2p.m, 'Bling and Sing' all welcome.