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03 November 2020

Concentrating, reading, drawing and less skimming

This time has been so strange. My habits of skim reading and 3 minute concentration time had taken over. 
It has happened over a period of 5 or 6 years, distracted by the demands and expectations of a faster paced world and people who attract or need my attention.

Strange that my inclination has always been to take more time in the studio, to enjoy remoteness, not be distracted and now I find it so hard to be in the studio without distractions from and by people and events in remote places. 

Now it seems I cannot manage without them, and was privileged to be part of an amazing group of thinkers, artist, writers and academics international community, and this could only happen with the help of the strange world of Zoom.
Shelley Sacks led us through a piece of Social Sculpture practice, and started it with the wonderful reflective  time of looking at the world outside our doors.
Everyone’s experiences were so different, the whole world's times and seasons, night and day, city and country, garden and apartments.

Beauty was re-imagined through the eyes of participants, and shared in the democratic process of a Social Sculpture exchange.

The habits of skim reading and beginning to become disturbed and I could hear and see in a different way.

Tracing a pathway through this time, through uncertainty, fragile pathways of encounters with communities redeveloping social networks I began to draw again. Not the drawing from memory or habit that I had developed in recent years, but the drawing that is making a mark when understanding or interpretation of what I see is processed.

I have recently been reading Tim Ingold's book 'Making' which is so good to find out more about how to be intentional and reflective while drawing.