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30 January 2015

Slow making, using fast technology

I have been learning how to draw using ProCreate, a drawing package on the ipad. The process is very like learning to draw all over again, it is frustratingly slow when I know how to make some of the marks on paper.
In conversation with someone who uses digital drawing for work and is very proficient, he drawing on the ipad is very strange, you don't really decide on the size and scope of your surface before you have made a mark.
When drawing on paper the drawing is placed in context, but somehow this is completely different, you can construct the context within other drawings or make work that can be repeated.
Beginning to enjoy it tho and I hope to use it more for idea and planning

Making it feel like spring

Beginning changes for a Quiet Garden for a Family Therapy unit, the overall topic is changing horizons
Parts of plastic bottles are being used for a temporary installation, it begins to feel like spring and the effect even with cold winter sun is a it like stained glass.