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02 August 2013

Walking aware and making

On a very hot day I led an exploration in the grounds of Anglesey Abbey. We walked and listened, lay on the ground looking at the effect of wind. It was so hot that the air seemed thicker and things felt heavier, sounds seemed quieter or maybe there was less moving around. In warm weather it is easy to experience materiality in the created world, when the air is blood temperature the body relaxes and senses are heightened.

It is the same in the studio, in heat materials become softer and more pliable, spaces in between seem easier to manipulate. Initiated by new storage space, shelving and for the allotment studio a delivery of this years white willow I have recently spent time organising spaces that have not been touched for months.
The visual distraction of debris from previous projects or work have to be cleared so they don't interrupt thinking about new and developing work. Drawers are tidy and table top and floor areas clean ready for a new phase of making.