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14 June 2017

Installations , contexts and scale

There has not been time to write about the work that has taken up all my waking hours for the last few weeks.
My work is never made in isolation and always has unpredictable exchanges with people and places. seeing scale and material change depending on contexts is always a refreshing experience.
On Wednesday 31st May I spent some time thinking about Slow Making and installed work in the Prickwillow Phone Box Gallery it felt like a rest from meeting deadlines and demands, time spent with lots of other people is always stuimulating but needs to be balanced with space to reflect.

On Sunday 11th June I was in the Bishop of Ely's garden as part of the Open Gardens Scheme. a great day meeting friends and making new ones in the context of these beautiful, peaceful surroundings, which I am privelaged to use as a workshop. The work on show in the gardens has been made on site, travelled to other venues and returned to be stored or sold from here.

On Monday 12th June I spent the morning putting work in place ready for the showcase event in London. It will take place on Saturday 17th June at Instituto Español Vicente Cañada Blanch, a good place to show the collaborative work with Ana for the first time.


Such different places, each with its own way of affecting the interaction from the community that uses it regularly. I need time to reflect on how all these places and people will interact with the work and maybe how the work will change the community view of familiar and commonplace.