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30 May 2007

Slow Making - Sense of Place

Working more on Slow Making I have been spending time in the allotment 'shed' which is more studio now than ever. I am really enjoying the new atmosphere there, using it early in the morning and late in the evening when the light is more dramatic.
What is Sense of Place and how to convey it visually? Not by a landscape painting or a sculpture, or by film, there are not enough senses involved in receiving those.

Poppies have self seeded in Fred's disused allotment - all I have done is take away the other 'weeds' as they have grown, this has produced a riot of rich colour. The sight of them has brought out stories about older allotment holders growing poppies to treat ague and make a solution that was put on the babies dummy to help everyone sleep. One or two people have been invited to the allotment to see the sight, I like that - a piece of work made instinctively and exhibited without any planning or advertising! I feel like this is a real expression of both Slow Making and Sense of Place.

The next phase of my exploration into Slow Making is inviting artists and writers to express Sense of Place with Slow making in mind, I think I know what I mean but will they? Are the two separable, I think they are two parts of the same thing.