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05 October 2011

Encouraging comments

I wrote something yesterday, then lost it in the ether so tomorrow will have to try and remember what it was. I had started to think about the way this project is like piece work, like so many other jobs and how it might give me more to write about Slow Making.
Today was quiet but because of that productive. While stitching faces I was able to think more about the nature of the process, the relationship with other people doing boring repetitive jobs. 
It seems to me that many artists are doing that, tho' the work may not seem boring if there is a good relationship with the materials used or the end product, but the process has a lot in common with many repetitive factory jobs.
Two Portuguese sisters came and spent a long time making their portraits, more than one each. I found their response to the project refreshing - one had even started to pin her portrait onto  blanket, assuming she would be involved with the stitching. Perhaps that is another stage for some venues. They really enjoyed perfecting the use of carbon paper and have promised to bring some back from Portugal, where it is both available and cheaper than in UK!
I have enjoyed the interaction in the gallery this week.