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10 February 2007

Catching the thread

Trialling 'Fair Trade - Material matters at the Sainsbury Centre and Norwich School of Art and Design, as well as in my studio. Mainly in preparation for 'Matter and Memory' in Moscow - while still not having the money or paperwork to go. These occasions have allowed me to adapt ideas about what was necessary to have included in the exhibition and what would be distracting. Although people like to know how their drawing is going to be on-line it is too complicated to do the whole process while relating properly with contributors at an event.

An important element of this work is developing relationships and interconnections between the people involved, so the fewer barriers the better - and technology can be a big one if used badly. I am beginning to learn the techniques of making it less threatening for both me and contributors, perhaps because I am not allowing the technology to threaten me!

The Sainsbury Centre allowed the work to be seen in a new light, it seemed to gain credibility. I didn't need to see that, as I was already sure of the work's strength, even if I found it difficult to express in words sometimes, but perhaps it did change other peoples perception of it. Sitting next to Henry Moore
, Degas and Matisse drawings it did feel right, the work belonged.

Following several sessions collecting drawings I then had to stitch the physical quilt and update the online version, currently there are 3 blanket panels, I am aiming for 4 before I go to Moscow, the image shows part of one. For the updated version online see FrostArt