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22 March 2007

New Pace: reflection and review

Being forced to stop work through illness always makes me review my work habits. I have not walked or done any restorative work in garden or allotment for a long time. I have been indoors for most of the winter and almost missed the early spring - either through too much indoor work or being away.

I could not smell or taste anything for more than a week - it affects my experience of life and I had not quite realised the power of smell before. It seems to be an almost subconscious sense. I know now that among other things I smell materials such as yarn, cloth, hair, paper and clothes when handling and selecting to work with; the experience is so intertwined with texture that I have found it difficult to relate in exactly the same way to work I am currently making.

I am now waiting for the work to be returned from Moscow - the realities of Russia seem more unreal than a good fictional film script. I just hope it resolves fairly soon.