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29 March 2007

Setting up new threads

Setting up new work projects and starting new projects has the same feel as setting up a loom, the threads are laid in place to construct what any weaver intends will be their perfect piece of cloth - of course that is always impossible but you would not start if the aim and hope was not there!
In my case the threads are made of phone calls, meetings and emails. Planning the times and places, preparing materials for work to be facilitated and constructed.

While setting up the new work relationships, I am very aware of the phrase that Cary Outis gave me years ago - that as a weaver I should be careful of loose threads in my life, it is always better to tie them in or cut them off as you go into new ground. He was relating it to relationships and whole life actions, not just textile activities. I feel at the moment as if I am still tied to Matter and Memory and all that happened relating to Moscow. It has been an isolating experience to be part of, at once included and excluded from both the Art School group and the exchange group. maybe a useful experience but not a positive one right now.
Difficult to see the possibilities becoming positive.