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06 August 2007

Dancing forward again

The positive outcomes of going to Moscow are starting to happen (see entry for 29th March) I have been invited to go and draw in rehearsals, classes and performances of the Bolshoi ballet while they are in London. I will do this for one of the three weeks they perfom at the Colisseum, starting 12th August.
As the MA show at Norwich goes up two weeks later this may not be ideal - but this opportunity is not to be missed.
Having made work about 'Dancing with your shadow for the last 10 years, this feels right to do in conjunction with writing about Slow Making.
The unplanned and unimaginable happens when you allow time and space.

My work was brought back from Moscow by Joseph Backstein, I collected it from his house in London to find that I have about 65 fantastic new self portraits to stitch into the blankets. A lot of work, it will take time...

This will now be part of my MA show at Norwich.