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15 November 2006

creative involvement

Making work that is public and includes the actions of others, like the Field Theatre Group in Littleport, where I led the initiative for a community walk to define green spaces, is a trading of skills and inclusion of others creativity. This is ongoing work and will be built on when funding is available, about the 'spaces in between' and green corridors' which are essential to sustianable and healthy communities.

In making an application to the British Council I have become much more objective about the process. I may or may not receive support but it has made me able to do more of the process independently, and efficiently. Plans for creating a place or time in Moscow will be transfered to Fair Trade events in Norwich and Liverpool if funds are not available, work with people is transferable so long as they are not taken advantage of or manipulated.

Drawing together people and places is very much like the action of drawing together yarn for a warp, there are places where it tangles and is difficult to work with, and places where it runs smoothly unexpectedly. Planning does not always allow for chance opportunities - make mistakes into a positive part of the design process