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30 November 2017

Trying not to lose more

Today is Remembrance for Lost Species Day, this year the emphasis is on Pollinators. I have made envelopes using plant materials and put collected seeds in to send or give to others, in the hope that we do not lose any more either of the plants that feed them or the insects that Pollinate our food. We will all be so much poorer if the non-human residents in our shared world are not cared for.

29 November 2017

WW1 memorial exhibition

For eighteen months OuseLife artists, have been working on ideas, materials and technical problems to make an installation in the west tower of Ely Cathedral  next year. The theme of this exhibition is the centenary memorial of World War 1.

The actual making is always the easiest part, meetings and problem solving are the challenges. Sometimes communicating between artists can be challenging too, we all have strong visual ideas, translating those into words and keeping to deadlines is much more difficult.

Images of work in progress have been shared among the group, encouraging each other is an important part of the project when materials and techniques are a collaboration. I am only showing a taster here.

Deadlines for this have to be well planned, publicity and installation will need to go smoothly as there are so many variables to go wrong and people involved
It is fun playing in such a wonderful public building with so many different uses, so many people but it does mean we have to be aware of and sensitive to their interests.