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31 August 2007

MA Show

Exhibition preparation at Norwich, it seems a strange place to be. I have selected some things to show but as always they may not express what I had intended. Showing Fair Trade - Material Matters as a static exhibition and without the interactive process gives the work a significance I am not sure I can relate to. Stitching the new drawings has taught me so much more - I even find the rhythm and technique of the artists comes into the way I stitch each time - so each one has a real charecter. The hanging process lends a status and separation which it has not had before.

Bringing work from the allotment to a public space, together with chairs and tools which are very personal, makes me feel vulnerable and very uncertain. It has an attraction to viewers I can see that, it is very elemental and maybe non-gallery.

Tim Drakes animations are currently the most successful part for me - I had intended to show only those, with earth and charcoal on the floor....maybe another time!
Images to follow...

My 'Slow Making' article is available for audience to read, a few take advantage of this and find it interesting to read. It has been published this week in No 42 of Landscape and Arts Network Journal