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22 June 2007

Allotment Studio Space

Every time I think about Slow Making now I breath differently, listen to my breathing and heartbeat. The allotment studio provides space to do that away from all the mechanical and technology, how much does the individual's body rhythm affect what they make and do in life? I expect more than we are aware of.

Using the Allotment studio for a workshop was challenging, both for me and participants. It is a space I use for isolation, quiet work and as often as I can without power tools. The contrast of having five or six others, making noise alien to the site was sometimes very disturbing.

I lay down very few guidelines, to see whether the sense of place manifests in the behaviour of visitors to the place/site.
I am not sure this worked, but it did give me information to work with and for the next one. What I observed was that it is easier to demonstrate displacement visually than express the sense of place or belonging. This was shown by setting up photo-shoots and wearing of clothes never seen here before!

The conversation about Slow Making will be published as part of my MA, I am currently drafting a definition, this is what has emerged so far.

'Slow Making is done with reflection, care and consideration of the
environmental effects of the source, process and use of materials. Slow Making is always a collaborative process, either environmentally or socially.'

There is a Blog with a manifesto for Slow Making