18 April 2017

New projects, new collaborations

I met a group of scientists earlier this year, with 8 other artists I was invited to a networking event in Cambridge.  They were all Spanish speaking as the event was organised by SRUK. It was like a speed dating event! We were introduced to the scientists and had to select potential work partners to produce work for an exhibition, not much time allowed and they were all very interesting research projects.
I was most intrigued to work with researcher Ana Lopez Ramírez who is working in the dept of physiology, development and neuroscience in Downing College Cambridge. Her research into Alzheimer's, observing Zebra fish has the potential to transform lives,.I don't even start to understand it, but each time I have been to the lab I learn a little more.
The link between our work is through recycling of materials, which the cells of zebra fish can do in remarkable ways. I hope to express something of this in using my recycled materials and am starting to look at my making process in a more systematic way.