26 April 2017

Lab and studio exchanges

On my first visit to the lab where Ana is doing her research I was struck by the similarities with my studio. Almost haphazard and slightly chaotic, so many things to see that it is difficult for the outsider to discern what is relevant to the particular work process or project in hand and what is just characteristic of a busy workspace environment.

I was fascinated to watch how Ana handles the early stages of zebra fish life, the eggs are kept at a stable temperature to ensure successful development. She is obviously very familiar with her tools and materials and enjoys the process, much like I am in the workshop or studio.

In our collaboration I aim to exhibit the similarity of work processes and motives for artists and scientists exploration, the curiosity and determination to achieve new and previously unimagined results.
There is elegance in watching skills being demonstrated, and a beauty in results that are achieved. I hope the resulting artwork will express some of this.