16 April 2017

A long pause after going too fast

It seems I have had no time since January 2015, this pause has come after far too much doing and travelling.
Today I am trying to sit and plan very little and achieve a bit more.
Life is never as planned when working with living, growing, natural materials or people.
The long gap is because I have been working with people in many different settings and demands. I have had no time to reflect or sit and watch.
Here's hoping that life will be less frantic, no guarantees tho and I still have regular journeys to make and demands to answer.

After 18 years the willow 'Fedge' seen below has been cut down. A combination of disease, beetle attack and fungus meant there were only about a quarter of the trees still living. It was a feature of the garden, conversations and learning have happened because of it. Removing it has brought a light and openness into the garden that is needed for other plants. I am taking this approach into studio work.

Remove old, damaged pieces that aren't helping me to see or make new work.


I am aware that habits of short attention span of screen and social media don't help with making or relational activities, in fact they prevent both from developing well. In the world of Slow Making the tools and techniques are controlled by being responsive to seasonal products, natural materials and cycles. This means that conditions are available for a short time each year, with preparation and skills in place to achieve and create the best results possible.

This season I am focussing on preparation, making myself aware of the potential both of materials and tools in season.