30 September 2011

Slow Making: planning, use of space and archiving

Is there something about Slow Making that is also about sustainable and efficient use of space? 
While working in the Babylon Gallery I have a chance to refresh my studio. I have a chance to look at the space and try to store tools, materials and finished work in a different way.
Almost everything came out over the weekend, a shock to my system and the rest of the house. Too much stuff in too small a space perhaps, but seeing it clearer should help. The plan is to put things back slowly, throw away or give away everything that I will not use in the foreseeable future.  Time will tell if this means new and better work.
Today the archiving of Fair Trade: Material Matters finished work was completed, now to start stitching again, this time archiving as I go which means keeping good records of people, places and events.