23 July 2008

Re-visiting in stormy weather

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The beach with Mike and Kathie and children on Sunday evening, July 20th the waves were within four paces of the shelter. The weather was very stormy, a strong North wind and I was nervous about the shelter. When I heard that the sea had come through at about 8.30 on Monday morning and the spray went right over, I wished I could have been there to photograph. Next evening the waves were less, but the affects were obvious and the structure was still sound, with the log seats spread round the entrance.

I took a walk with a visitor - whose name I do not know...if you read this and want to please add your comment and pictures to this page.

Visiting the shelter is a different experience now. I found myself reluctant to leave this time. I was looking at the many tokens left by other people, like gifts left for me to experience. This place is showing a wonderful generosity of spirit in people, and a desire to link with others maybe.

A strong relationship between the beach, the materials, people and the shelter has developed very quickly; what was alien to the place has become part of it.

I had time to sit and take in the qualities of the pieces left, they are carefully placed and really considered. There is a quality of Slow Making in the pieces.