26 July 2008

Back to - or Continuing 'Slow Making'

Going on with, or going back to Slow Making. All the elements of Light-lines are made with Slow in mind, if the working process of each on is not necessarily slow to produce.

After working in the public space of Salthouse I go back to the studio, contemplate all the activities and start a new map. The stitching helps me to remember, the pace of walking and the flow of water. The conversations and meeting along the way. I have sent myself post-cards of significant sites, where I will re-visit and work again.

Linked by me working or by the journeys other people have made, the maps are Ordnance Survey 1:50,00 showing only the waterways, stitched with woad dyed yarn.

Shown first at Norwich School of Art and Design in 2006 this work has become more significant with time, shown in conjunction with 'Fair Trade Material Matters' at the Sainsbury Centre for Contemporary Art and linked to exhibition Cloth and Culture Now. The combintation of exploration and personal identity seems to engender very instinctive responses.
This is work I am going beck to - and will build on over the next year, more walking, more traveling by coracle...that is another story but here is a link to a picture