28 July 2008


I would like to acknowledge all those who have helped in the support and making of Light-lines, whatever happens to it after the official take down date 3rd August it has been a really exceptional place to have worked.
To Matt Bradbury, of Norfolk Wildlife Trust for getting all the appropriate permissions sorted out. The list was quite long.
To Stiffkey Lamp shop for support and encouragement
To Ian and Jenny Stevens for leather ties, advice and encouragement
Suckuk for solar lights
Les Beckett for logs
And as always for all sorts of support, Tim Frost.
To all the visitors who have made comments and sent me images or messages, it is really special to have this kind of feedback so immediately. I will be using it in future public art and consultancy processes.
The image is 'English tourists by an American abroad' by Fran Bussard. Fantastic!