21 December 2007

A new project

Selected for Salthouse 08 'SEAhouse, LIGHThouse, SPIRIThouse' means that I have the opportunity to work on a series of structures, to go on the beach, across the marshes to the churchyard. This means being outside, balancing work again, willow and wetland stuff. Direct interaction with people will happen after this, in a series of workshops and conversations.

This opportunity, going back to Salthouse to do this work seems another occasion of good timing. The combination of adventure, physical and spiritual as well the contemplative aspect of this work is what I hope to show in the final pieces.

I want to invite a diverse group of participants, church groups, artists, environmentalists to take part in the workshops and conversations. So please contact me if you are interested. I am also looking for commissioners and funders for this work. If you think you would be interested in owning the finished work and want to be informed of progress, look out for more postings - or get in touch for further information.