03 July 2006

words and understanding

Re-covering, re-forming, sustaining, im-plying, sampling - how words and thoughts change depending on context. As I wrote I realised that these words have so many layers of implication - depending on where you say them. Context is everything. A discussion with Tim Drake, illustrator and beat box artist, emphasised this. We talked for some time using the same words while completely mis-understanding each other's meaning!
Sustainable acitivities are the same - so easily misunderstood, or used to mean different things depending on personal needs and situation.If I have enough money to live, then I can consider world resources in a different light.

It is only possible to work in one space at a time, either mentally ar physically, but should always be possible to imagine other places and empathise with different situations. Through the use of textile materials and skills I am able to relate to places and people who never share the same world view and experiences.