18 June 2006

Trees, time and planning

Having taken the tree down this week-end I feel very strange - it went from being a great idea to being what could be a problem.
I had to think through how to transport the tree when cut down - always a bit of an anticlimax having to be practical!
In the end it is in 2 main parts, with other pieces available to use - I don't like the feeling the cut in half has given me - It is a bit like cutting the last 9 years of growing in half and making it worth less - I have not planned anything this long before and think perhaps ther is a way of doing it better.
I had intended to put something into the blog yesterday - but on looking at it again decided there were things I did not want to release yet - if at all. A good lesson in reviewing before publishing.
The next step in making this piece is to combine the tree with process of spinning - using words as well as actual spinning with drop spindle.
The growth habit of the tree is very like the fen rivers - somehow I wuld like to reference this as well, but as always trying to include too many oblique references.

Todays' real task is to wind strips of printed words onto bobbins or cones - depends which works best. images to follow