26 June 2006

Time out

I needed time out to make and do physical work without doing the over analytical. There has to be a balance. Handling material and relating to people and place has to be a part of my work.
I go out walking to relate to the scale of the places & physical effect of environment on my body before sitting in the studio again. I listen to and relate to people to find out whether my ideas and images convey any sense.

There is a piece about footprints & traces currently on the loom that has been there too long - not sure it will work but it does need to be finished rather than discarded. I may leave it deliberately unfinished to be part of the series 'Dancing with your Shadow'
I still have the shadow element in my mind - making work to show just the shadow - how will that work? When displaying the sampler of sacking it worked best as the shadow - the implication being that the work is finished and audience can only see a trace. I have some work to do on this & will be playing with the ideas over the next few months, so images to follow.

If you have read this far, please comment - it's what this blog is meant to be for. I would like to hear reactions.