28 June 2006

extending practice

I am beginning to realise that I find new work situations are a combination of stimulating and terrifying, the adrenalin is only useful of planning and structure is in place. This has brought me back to thinking about the structure of my overall practice - how everything is related to spinning, twisting, combining threads together. I could not express this in words until I had made a model of my thought pattern, in an atttempt to do this I made the model seen in this image as part of a piece of writing at Norwich School of Art and Design in 2005.
Next week I will be spending time working away at RANE Artful Ecologies Conference Falmouth, with Janette. Time to plan future projects for L@tE and for creating and reviewing. As always I will take my spindle - either a form of security or just continuity of practice - only time will tell.