26 June 2006

Exposing surface and depth

After all that wrapping and binding I felt a bit restricted, the same way as people say they are about all the legislations relating to land ownership and agriculture. Maybe that is why I started to uncover and unwrap the branches I did not want to use for exhbition, the bark is being used for other projects, currently sitting in a tin bath and going dark blue-black with the iron dye tho so nothing is wasted. The cut branches will be used as well, nothing is left unused.

I found myself expressing a thought that I had not heard before, about the unfinished expressing something of the sustainable, the living and continuing. Is this really a
cop-out for not finishing things or did it happen because that is my instinctive approach. How do you do instinctive once you have verbalised and analysed it? More reading and considering other practitioners approaches to work does not always provide the information that supports or justifies ones own; not that I need justification - but being aware of others exploring similar fileds is reassuring.

Working outside, alongside the river and at the allotment I have again been looking at the earth. I am more and more tempted to use it, draw with it in some form. That is what 'exposing surface and depth' is all about, not sure where this thought is going, not doubt some images will follow when I am more certain of the ground!

Photos by Tim Frost