21 October 2011

Moving on - Slowly

The last week of the installation at Babylon Gallery. I had begun to feel settled in the space after five weeks, enjoyed hearing the feedback and conversations. Now I have been looking at the installation for future reference and it's bit like moving house. The studio will change again, how to bring all that furniture to bring back and fit it in the space.
The catch up process of stitching more portraits has got further, but now of course there are fifty plus from this show. Archiving system in place and easier to maintain now, this should mean the online quilt will be easier to add to as well.
In conversation with one visitor I did wonder if I would have to edit some drawings out, I haven't done that before and had previously said I would not. The audience at Babylon Gallery is slightly different from other galleries and events the work has been shown at, some of the drawings are not as intentional. One blanket may have children's faces and become a stand alone 'canvas'.
Comments this week have been very varied and the days visitors really disperate. I found my energy changed, I had a period last week not relating so well and let people 'receive' the work as they were inclined. With hindsight and from a comment Jane Wilson made I would make a sign that encouraged visitors to talk to me and ask questions, then I would not have to initiate those conversations.
A school visit was interesting, having to teach 13 year olds about the conventions of visiting a gallery and respect a shared public space. A conversation with them about how few marks can portray a face, how we recognise someone by those marks was interesting; also about what 'piece work' is and who does that kind of thing. The concept that art could include those considerations was obviously a new idea to the children if not the teachers.
There have been many people comment on how original the idea is and how skillful the work is, perhaps I should believe it. In addition comments about the use of space have been good to hear.
Sunday 23rd tea and cakes 2-4p.m. then take down and move on. I feel a bit like a traveller.