25 September 2006

New focus

A long gap in posting for the blog has been either beacuase of writing other work, or because of travelling and making away from access to computer and internet. This proved to be a release in some ways, my thinking and I guess others, is that it is essential to life!

For MA exhibition at NSAD I made maps of waterways. The action of stitching, the repetitive, monotonous process was a relief, and again I experienced the overlap in thinking and making. The making seemed to clarify my thinking, to resolve ideas and enable me to express for a questioning audience.
The physical manipulation from conventional OS maps into a combination of textile craft and and art installation highlighted the overlap in my thinking, which previously I have not found easy to express.
While making I was also thinking about travelling to Russia and of meeting and working with a whole group of new people. The combination of familiar and unkown, was that why I had chosen such a repetitive process?